There are a few reasons why people tend to fluctuate in weight throughout the seasons, but it mostly comes down to their motivation level and diet. In the spring we tend to be fixated on looking good in the summer, when fashion becomes more revealing, bikini’s are essential, and everyone is working hard to look their best. However, in the fall that motivation dwindles, we stop going outside as much, fashion becomes more about warmth than anything and all the delicious holiday meals keep us plump and full. Unfortunately these same meals tend to linger on our waistline and show up uninvited on our scales. The lack of outdoor activities, and abundance of great television has us snacking on our couches, feeling gluttonous, and getting away with it because we can look great in a baggy sweatshirt. Face it, most of us don’t really mind gaining a little of weight in the fall, under the premise that we will just lose it again in a hurry come spring but is this seasonal dieting really good for us? And is it possible to enjoy the change of seasons without packing on the extra pounds.

You Can Get Through The Winter Months Without Gaining Weight

One of the hard realities is that allowing ourselves to fluctuate this dramatically over 6-12 months IS NOT HEALTHY. In fact it is a horrible habit for our bodies and our self-esteem. In the big spectrum of things maybe a few holiday pounds don’t really matter but if your weight dramatically alters by calendar seasons, then you may want to consider re-evaluating your routine.

Try Something New In The Fall

Just like New Years and the first day of Spring, let Fall become a weightless motivation landmark. September is a great time to join the local gym or take a fitness class because the summer crowds subside for the obvious reasons that we’ve listed above. Stay ahead of the game but taking advantage of fall downtime by filling boredom with exercise. Even if it just means working through a new fitness DVD series at home, you can keep yourself motivated and healthy while also occupying some of that free time.

Swear Off Winter Snacking

As hard as it might be to do, don’t let yourself become a couch-potato who consumes a bag of chips per-night while watching Dancing With the Stars. Try To replacing bad habits with a new healthy ones like running on a treadmill during your favorite show or canning fruits and vegetables to enjoy all season. Don’t let the cold weather doldrums, manipulate your eating habits try to limit yourself and your portion sizes even once the weather has turned. Many people fall victim to emotional eating this time of year, so take extra care of yourself, balance your stress level, and don’t let the holidays get the best of you. Getting through the fall and winter months without gaining too much weight or hitting a self esteem low can be hard. However it isn’t impossible if you can maintain a bit of discipline and switch things up in order to keep yourself on track.