Don’t like to exercise? Don’t worry, there is an app that can persuade you otherwise! New apps are taking an unconventional approach to add pressure, give rewards, or use playful role-play to get you moving and more involved. It is no secret that people respond better when there is something in it for them, or even a consequence.

Zombie, Run!

This is a perfect app if you like zombie movies and games. It works by taking your mind off of the workout with the thrill of a healthy zombie chase. Zombie Run uses storytelling to keep you moving or else you will get eaten by zombies. Thanks to GPS, it can track your speed and location on the route. So when it tells you to run, you better run, or else the zombies will catch up to you and the story is over. There are different speeds that you can select to ensure that it fits your level of fitness. Your brains are safe if you move at a faster pace when it tells you to run

Gym Pact

This one will either charge a fee, or pay you money, depending on your ability to stick to your pact to visit the gym three times a week. In order to make this work, you do have to give them your credit card information. If you fail to go to the gym you are charged five dollars. That money is stored in a pot that collects money from everyone else who did not go to the gym that day. Then it is evenly split up to pay all the people who did choose to go to the gym.

Instant Heart Rate

Instant Heart Rate is capable of deciphering your heart beat from taking a picture of your finger. It may sound farfetched, but it is actually reported to be quite accurate by many users. Keeping an elevated heart rate is the key to effective exercising, and it helps to know that you are keeping a productive pace without having to invest in extra accessories and expensive gadgets.


Nexercise gives out entries for prizes and small rewards by keeping track of how much you exercise. The greater distances that you log in from jogging, running or walking, the more you can cash in on fun things such as gift certificates, coupons and free samples.


FitID takes peer pressure to the extreme by posting all of your detailed stats for everyone to see. Peers can track your progress from how much you exercise level of intensity, what you eat, and even track the progress in how your body changes from regular check in points that include pictures. It is a revealing but effective way to make sure you stick to your goals.


Fitocracy is a social network where members can join to gain friends and join challenges. The people within the community end up competing against each other and also cheer and leave support to help everyone along within group challenges. People check in even when they are not working out to catch up and chat. The gamification aspect of Fitocracy supplies enough fun to get you involved and started. However, it is the combination of active challenges and strong community bonds that keeps people addicted and returning for long term fitness achievements.

Software developers have taken notice that creating a little extra fun, or even consequences, is warmly receptive among the fitness community who could use an extra push. For this reason, we are seeing new types of health apps that serve as much more than the typical fitness trackers. Google and major software developers are currently working together to bring more peer pressure and prize catching apps to mobile devices.