It seems every time I turn the television, there is a new ad for another diet. The latest one I have seen is probably the most outrageous – a patch sewn onto the top of the tongue in order to make eating solid foods almost unbearably painful. The fact that this procedure has even been approved, never mind the fact that people are so desperate to lose weight that they agree to go through with it, is beyond mind-boggling to me. Seeing that weight loss and achieving the “thin” status is so important to people that they will put themselves through such a dangerous and painful procedure is absolutely insane to me. Instead of falling victim to these hazardous fad diets, go back instead to the most basic and effective weight loss tips for this fall and winter.

1. Stay Hydrated – Our bodies are between 50-65% water, making it vital to our body’s well-being. It is also more effective and natural appetite suppressor on the market. Our bodies are unable to tell the difference between hunger and dehydration, and will send the same signals. More often than not, if you feel like you just can’t get full, no matter how much you eat, your body is more than like sending out signals for water. Having a large glass of water with each meal can not only reduce the amount you feel like you need to eat, but also help ensure you reach your daily intake of eight ounces.

2. A Balanced Diet – A balanced diet of the various food groups that your body needs will not only help you lose the weight, but will help you maintain the weight loss. The more colourful your plate, the more nutrients your body will receive for that meal. Remember, this doesn’t mean that junk food is completely banned from your diet! Just make sure to limit your intake to an occasional treat.

3. Find Exercise That You Enjoy – Forcing yourself to go for a run every day when you absolutely despise running will not help you maximize the benefits from the exercise. Find an exercise that you love, one that will keep you coming back for more, something that you enjoy rather than something that is a chore. Rather than hitting the treadmill for another dreaded forty minutes, mix it up, and try something new. Zumba, yoga, swimming, and kickboxing are all different options for an intense cardio workout. Kids and pets are also always an option; they are always up for an intense game of tag, a trip to the park, or a game of Frisbee or catch. Find an exercise you truly enjoy, and stick with it. Exercise should be fun and energizing rather than a chore.

4. Track Your Progress – Whether it’s taking before and after photos, recording your measurements, or both, find a way to track your progress. Being able to see the incredible difference will only encourage you to continue!

5. Keep Yourself From Being Discouraged – So you have a day where you indulge in your favourite fast food, or skip a workout to catch up on the latest episodes of your guilty pleasure show. Do not think of these of failures. You are only human, and there will be days when you simply can’t keep up with the hectic schedule of your busy life. Just get yourself back on track when you’re able, and continue your weight loss journey!