At last fall is here, my favorite season for fashion! Before I get into detail on what you can expect “fashionable individuals” to be rocking this season, I’d just like to take a moment to gloat over my fetish for fall fashion.

Why Fall Fashion is The Best!

As a lover of all things fashionably wonderful, I really have nothing against those other seasons Winter, Spring, and Summer. However I hold the September-November era close to my heart because of the abundance of truly wearable fashion options that become available during these months.

You see as a slightly curvy (and loving it), 5ft something individual with a short torso, sometimes I feel slightly left out when it comes to Summer fashion, which we all know is better suited for the tall and skinny model-esque types. Not that I don’t make summer fashion work for me, but when it comes to short shorts, crop-tops and skimpy little dress things I simply cannot fully participate.

That said I certainly couldn’t be the only one who feels like winter fashion is pretty much summarized as anything that keeps you warm, and hides your extra holiday pounds. While spring fashion is simply a combination of recycled last year fall styles with experimental summer elements thrown in there. It is kind of like the annual awkward phase for wardrobes Spring usually comes into its own right in time for summer hence, my previous argument regarding that.

Fall is Everyone’s Season

When it comes to Fall fashion nobody is excluded and everyone can feel stylish while also being cozy and comfortable so that is a big plus in my books. Instead of worrying about tan lines, hemlines, and lingerie solutions Fall is the only season where it is acceptable to rock black panty-house with party dresses, over sized sweatshirts, scarves for no reason AND flannel, yes sweet flannel.

In the fall we all look like comfy hipsters in our casual layers, ready for anything that comes our way. Dark denim, which is universally flattering, comes out to play full kilter and the colors go from “fun in sun” to Oxford Neutrals making us all look more intelligent and less too much tequila on the beach. As soon as the leafs start to turn so do the fashion attitudes, away goes the tank tops and flip flop combinations and out comes the classy full structured outfits, with blazers, boots and jackets in cute color combinations paired with neutrals.

People in general just look more put together in the fall, even those who are not “typically fashionable” can stumble across great combinations that work like jeans, cardigans and a detail scarf. Simply, easy and completely fall-fashion appropriate.

I could go on and on gloating about my love affair with this season in particular, but instead I’ll just show you some of my top picks for outfit combos that anyone can do and still dress to impress in comfortable, casual, fall attire.

 Three Top Casual Outfits For Fall