With all the fat shaming that is going on on the internet, TV and other forms of media, bigger girls often look for ways to hide their curves. That is really sad, especially since curves are such a beautiful shape. Do you think all those renaissance artists didn’t have a good taste? Of course not! They chose their models to be chubby because they appreciated the form of their bodies. Big girls need to start showing off their figures, not just because they deserve to be proud for their bodies, but also because this will be of tremendous help for teenage girls, who have to deal with insecurities and even bullying at school. Fat shaming can end. Big girls show the world how fabulous you are!


Yes, black might make you look slimmer, but it probably also makes you look older and makes people assume that you are a depressed architect or tormented artist. If you are one of those things, ignore my advise and wear black head to toe. If you aren’t though, go ahead and wear bold colors! You don’t need to wear all the colors at once, but a bright clothing item or accessory at a time -or two contrasting ones- can make your outfit so much more cheerful and interesting. This way, even if you love your black dress and black tights, by wearing a red coat and bright blue ballerinas, you can really stand out in the crowd in a very positive way. If you are unsure of color combinations, you can use a color wheel to guide you.


Until very recently, all clothes that targeted chubby ladies had very lose lines and looked more like a car cover than an actual piece of clothing. You might think that apparel that does not define your curves make you look smaller, but it just makes your figure look without shape, and such clothes can even add volume in places where you are thinner. Try to find clothes that gently hug your body and follow your figure. Belts that define your waist or color block dresses that separate your bust line from the bottom part of the dress are great ways to enhance the greatest parts of your figure.

Dress/Skirt Length

Anything from mini to just bellow your knees is a great choice. Don’t invest in maxi skirts or dresses, feeling that they are great because they hide your calves and ankles. They just make you look bigger allover. Your round needs look great and so do the curves of your calves. Invest in bright tights with beautiful patters and show the world your strong legs! To check if a skirt or dress is way too short, just bend over. If you can do that without exposing your underwear, its long enough. Enjoy it!


As you are a big girl, you re lucky enough to be able to pull off large jewelry. Many of the skinny ladies would be jealous of you just because of that! Get yourself big rings with semiprecious stones in all the colors of the rainbow and look for oversized ethnic necklaces and cuffs that will make your style unique.

Hair and Make Up

Of course, you can be totally natural, wear your hair down and never wear make up. And you will look gorgeous! But if you feel like experimenting, don’t be hesitant. Try out a bold red lipstick that will draw the attention from your body to your lovely smile. Add some eyeliner and you will be ready to go for drinks right after the office. When it comes to hair, big hair suits big girls. So don’t be afraid to make huge messy buns or chunky breads. And if you would love a pixie cut, don’t hear people who insist that they only look good on skinny girls! Ask your hairstylist and they will figure out one that suits the shape of your face.

Big girls, time to shine!