Okay ladies it is time to get realistic about our shopping habits, if you want to be fashionable AND save money you can’t possibly replace your entire wardrobe every season. Despite what the fashion guru’s love to make us believe, buying brand new items that are “on trend” “in the right colors” that are “this season” is not an appropriate way to live our lives. Believe it or not there are certain items that I like to refer to as seasonal carry-overs that can work for you all year round, in any season, below I have listed a few of these basics so that you can refresh your wardrobe with a few fashionable items and save money by buying these universal basics that you only need to replace when they get worn out.

Dark Denim

Personally I don’t care how many times light denim, patterned denim, and color denim comes back in style it is always destined to be out again within months. Dark denim on the other hand is the only style universal. Purchase a pair of dark navy or black jeans without any wash, wearing, or holes. These can be your GO TO pants for going out and casual style all year round.

Another piece of advice here is to grab a pair the style cut that you prefer and that looks the best on you. Yes boot cut, skinnies, flares, etc. each have their own hay-day but these styles aren’t universally flattering. This is one place where having a trademark cut is totally acceptable. Find what style of denim makes you look the best and purchase one or two pairs in a dark wash for all occasions.

Black Blazer

Colored blazers are in right now, so you may want to pick one up, but black blazers that fit well are ALWAYS in so you literally MUST HAVE one in your wardrobe.

In fact, invest a little bit of money in a black (or at least neutral) blazer and you have one guaranteed to be sharp looking outfit for any day of the week. Throw your black blazer over a seasonal colored blouse with those dark wash jeans we just talked about and BAM your in style.

Great Black Blouse, Great White Blouse

If you don’t have these two items hanging in your closet, it is time to go to the mall. Every woman needs a flattering black blouse that they love and flattering white blouse (that isn’t see-through). Having these two items handy will make you feel sexy and sophisticated no matter what you are wearing. Seasonal colors will work with both of these tops and look polished. If you throw in a few “on-trend” accessories you will have a classic and modern look that tells the world you know what is going on in fashion, without having to buy to many new things.

A Dress That Just Looks Good

My last suggestion for consumers who want to save money on their wardrobe and still look up-to-date, is a dress that just genuinely stops the show. You should always be “on the prowl” for this dress because it will literally change your life.

Instead of looking for something that is on-trend on in style find a dress that is versatile, beautiful and flattering. It won’t matter whether it is frequently fashionable because you will be wearing it, it won’t be wearing you.