If you ask people what their favorite season is, many more than you expect will say fall. Due the dynamic environment, many couples choose to have their weddings in the fall. Rustic weddings with rich colors are becoming more popular as brides realize how beautiful the harvest colors and changing leaves can be. While there are many rich color combinations that bring a beautiful sense of the season into weddings, there are some that are slightly better than others.

Two of the favorite colors are also close to each other in tone, rich read and deep orange brings a romantic fall ambiance to a wedding. Because the two colors are so close, it is helpful to add a third color as an accent. Some brides as deep evergreen, teal, or even a golden tone into the wedding as an accent color. If you do choose orange, be sure to choose a deep orange rather than a bright fruity orange color. One popular trend is weddings includes allowing bridesmaids to choose a dress in a pre-approved shade; so your bridesmaids could look like a tree changing colors in a variety of glorious oranges.

If you prefer more neutral colors, cream and sage are popular. These lighter colors really pop when they are played against a rich chocolate brown. If you, as the bride, do not mind wearing a cream colored dress rather than a pure white, you could add to the simple colors of this combination. Instead of having bright colored flowers, green bouquets look pretty, too. Some brides have chosen bouquets made of willows tied together with burlap for a very rustic atmosphere. Baby’s breath is another excellent choice for flowers, too.

The final color combination is another unexpected favorite: goldenrod yellow and dark mossy green. These rich colors are unexpected, but they can really add a romantic atmosphere in an outdoor fall wedding. Bold rusty orange mums would stand out against mossy green or goldenrod dresses. The same wildflower and greenery branches also look pretty against these colors, too. Gold jewelry can also pull these two colors together. With all of the color combinations, an off-white, ecru, or cream colored dress will look rich and warm rather than a dress in a cool shade of pure white.

These unexpected fall colors will bring an ambiance of changing season to a fall wedding. Imagine how beautiful these colors would look against an old, weathered barn, or against a field full of ready-to-be harvested corn. The photographs would be glorious during the time that leaves are changing, too. When planning a fall wedding, it is best to be fearless and understand that your wedding colors will be much different than the colors used in the heat of the summer and cold of the winter.