Fall is one of the most anticipated seasons for fashion lovers. It’s the time of year new trends and fads finally hit retail shelves, giving you the chance to try out scores of different looks. You don’t have to give your wardrobe a complete overhaul or wear anything you hate just because it’s trendy, however. If you want to update your look this fall while remaining true to your personal style aesthetic, these five ways will get you there.

Five Hot Trends in Women’s Fashion for Fall

1. Gray and Green: One of the colors of the moment is gray. Sure, it doesn’t sound like the most exciting shade, but think of the variations. There’s pale gray, charcoal and medium gray, so whether you prefer the lighter or darker end of the spectrum, there’s a gray out there sure to please. If you want something a bit more vibrant, green is also what’s trending. Forget lime, and instead opt for cool emeralds and dark forest greens. While this hue is great on dresses and slacks, give it a chance on jewelry as well.

2. Fur: For ladies who love soft and fuzzy fashions, fur is in vogue once again. Don’t fret if you’re an animal lover. Faux fur is just as good as the real thing. The furry fad is perfect for outerwear (think over-sized coats) and accessories. Shearling handbags were just one of the trends spotted on runways. When it comes to color, anything goes. Especially popular are multi-colored options from vests to jackets which combine two complementary or contrasting colors. Go bold with wildly contrasting shades like black and white, or try a more subtle look with a pale gray and medium gray blend.

3. Punk: This is perfect for women who prefer an edge to their style. Either fully embrace the trend by sporting silver studded accents on everything from your boots to your handbag, or be a softer rebel by pairing a leather corset-type belt with a white blouse and jeans. Adding a bit of punk rock to even the most feminine outfit is possible: pair a dark plaid dress (featuring black accents, of course) with studded ankle boots.

4. Boots: If you eagerly await cooler weather because you can’t wait to pull out your boots, this season’s footwear should have you smiling. Over-the-knee boots are the must-haves for your feet. Not only do these long boots look fantastic with short skirts paired with tights, they also keep your legs warm on the chilliest days. Black and brown are neutrals that work with anything, but why not give an emerald green dress a boost with charcoal thigh-high boots?

5. Accessories: While your clothing choices play a large part in your overall fall style, little additions can make a big impact. This is where accessories come into play. Shoes are sexy again, with pointed toes and high heels leading the way. As for handbags, bigger really is better. You’ll also do well to invest in bags that feature handles on the top, making it easy to carry instead of slinging a long strap over your shoulder. This season’s jewelry is big on sterling silver. Sport this metal on chunky bracelets or paired with crystals on earrings.

As with any trend, choose the one or ones that fit your personal style philosophy instead of blindly following runway fads. If you hate gray, there’s no need to wear it. Instead, go with the other hot colors of the season, whether it’s a soft green or vibrant orange. Fashion is about taking what works for you, embracing it and making it your own.