We all love to be warm and cozy during the winter months and that is why we were excited to see that one of the winter trends, dictated by high fashion runways, is oversized coats. From retro, round shoulders and loose sleeves to thick fabrics like velvet, fur or sheepskin, coats are truly going big this season.

The shapes

Of course, every designer has interpreted the trend in their own unique way, which leaves you a great choice to find the style that suits your own body type and tastes. Stella MacCartney keeps a sleek design that you could find in a classic coat, but scales it up a couple of times. Isabel Marant plays with fabric textures, using wool and felt in original ways and Dries Van Noten choose to use embroidery, to create a rich impression. In a more affordable, but still high fashion range, Birger Et Mikkelsen add big pockets to their coats, playing with different materials.

The colors

The color that enchanted designer this year, when it comes to huge coats is pink. From pale baby pink and powder pink to rose and almost fuchsia shades, Chanel, Nina Ricci, Miu Miu, Christian Dior, Carven and Mulberry chose pink to bring their designs to live. Another color that makes a strong comeback this year is emerald green. Channel, Gucci and Marni are some of the fashion houses that honored this great jewel tone. Of course, if you want to buy a coat that will last you more seasons, you can invest in one that has a more neutral tone, like gray, black, brown or taupe.

The choice

If you want to follow this fashion trend but are hesitant because of your size or body type, you shouldn’t be. There are many ways to honor this fashion trend. Let’s have a look at the different options:

For petite figures

If you are tiny, you might feel that you disappear in a big coat. Try to find one that is not too long and leaves your legs exposed, at least bellow the knee. This way your slim figure is present and you still will be warm. Choose bright colors that will give your outfits a cheerful tone. Don’t worry, you won’t look like your left your house wearing your bed covers!

For big girls

Well, big coats should be suited for big girls, right? If you are worried that your oversized coat will make you look bigger than you are, look for one with vertical side seams. Such seams create the optical illusion of a slimmer figure. Belts also help define your waist. If you have a round belly, you can tie the belt underneath your breasts, so that you draw the attention closer to your cleavage and away from your somewhat wider waist.

For athletic figures

If you have an athletic figure, you probably have a wide back and broad shoulders. Avoid oversized coats with pronounced shoulders and choose one that puts more emphasis on the lower part of the sleeves or the hemline of the coat. If your waist is not particularly defined, then a belt can help give it more shape.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to follow this fashion trend to its every detail! You can get a coat that has a classic, fitted form but huge buttons or pockets. Or a coat that is slim but has volume around the neckline (fur, sheepskin or something similar). Or you can skip the oversized trend altogether, if you don’t feel that it suits you, and follow the coat fashion in other ways, like the choice of color. And remember that classic coat lines as well as toggle coats are always elegant, so there is no need to stress about. You are beautiful anyway!