Every season new fashion trends come and go so quickly that many of us can’t even keep up. This is because designers need to find new ways to convince people to buy, buy, buy and stop wearing last season’s colors. Unfortunately, for many of us fashionistas this means we need to shell out big bucks in order to look “modern” every season.

Last week we talked about some “Season Carry-Overs” that could save you money. By having a wardrobe full of essentials to work with not only can you look great no matter what time of year it is, but also establish your very own signature look.

Even if it is to keep up, we hardly condone that you abandon following fashion altogether. However instead of loading up on items, which you know “are going to be out and stay out within a few months”, we’ve outlined a few ways that modern women can participate in new fashion trends without going overboard.

1.) Accessorize Always

If you learn to accessorize properly then you will always be on trend, without spending extra money. Buy a mixture of classic and versatile pieces that can be mixed with extremely modern “right now” items.

For example:

Punk Scarves

Scarves will always be in but the punk-renewal is very 2013. Instead of going out and buying skull laden tops, trousers, and blazers (punk rock everything), purchase yourself a signature piece like a scarf that doesn’t cost that much and will be extremely versatile in the upcoming season.

Eventually when the trend dies, you won’t be out 50, 60, 100’s of dollars and instead you can just discard your punk rock skull laden scarf completely guilt free.

2.) Everything In Moderation

As wonderful as it would be to run to the store and buy a whole new wardrobe on a whim, this probably isn’t a very responsible financial choice for most people. Instead, when the time comes buy one or two new “in style pieces” that will have good lasting power.

What we recommend is that you opt for a new pair of shoes or a bag that are right on trend and should carry you through the seasons nicely.
For Example:

Neon Shoe

One pair of highlighter colored vivid neon shoes should be enough to service for the time being. The good news, even once neon goes out, your shoes can still come out to play as a pop of color to liven up an outfit.

3.) Buy Cheap Jewelry

Along with our suggestion that you accessorize appropriately we would also like to remind you that you can also save money on accessories by going with knock offs and non designer brands.

I know, I know, nobody likes cheap plastic things and “quality over quantity” is usually the better option

If your are only going to wear it once, don’t be afraid to visit your old friend Ardennes (remember them from middle school) and buy some discount trendy jewelry pieces to make your outfits more current. You and I both know that these low-quality pieces probably won’t survive too many wears so don’t worry about being stuck with a bunch of “outdated pieces of bling” in a few months time.