Even though women have come a long way in the world of work and in their relationships, there are still many women who have difficulty saying no and standing up for themselves. Many women are still lacking empowerment and sadly are still seen as doormats to those who might have more power than they do.

Unhealthy Lifestyle Choices

The ability to say no is a problem that can create unhealthy challenges in the lives of women. It can create unneeded stress which can affect their health and wellness. It can also create problems at work and in relationships as these women lose their self-esteem and their colleagues and family members begin to see them as weak people.

Overcoming the Discomfort of Saying No

Many women feel a level of discomfort when it comes to having to say no. It is important for women to realize the discomfort and learn to respond appropriately, with a no answer. Because so many women are caregivers and must provide care whether they are feeling up to it or not, they are conditioned to say yes. Learning the physical cues that bring discomfort can be a trigger for women to learn when it is better to say no.

Develop a Stronger Self-Esteem

Women have so little self-esteem that they cannot stand up to pressures should get help from someone in a neutral position of power. Whether they get that help from a mentor, a family member, colleague, or therapist, it is important for women to learn to stand-up to pressures. Sadly, many women do not have access to someone who can help them function at a high level of self-esteem.

Stand Up When It is Meaningful

There are many women who avoid saying no to their family members because they do not want to create any friction in the family dynamics. Unfortunately, this can create distress for women who suffer in their silence. Women who do not stand up for themselves in family matters are not setting good examples for the younger females in their families who need to learn power from the older generation.

Do What is Best For the Company

When it comes to the work world, too many women lose out on opportunities by not being able to say no. Employees who are in positions of power know how to stand up for themselves and they know how to confront people in successful ways. This does not mean that people in power at places of employment need to behave like bullies, but they need to be able to stand up for what is best for the company, even if it means saying no.

Be a Strong Woman

Some women also have difficulties saying no to their partners. They are too focused on their partner’s feelings than their own, so they neglect their physical and emotional needs. Not being able to say no in intimate situations can lead to a variety of problems including incurable diseases and extensive psychological problems.

Look Deep for the Answers

The inability to say has many possible origins, but most experts believe it begins during youth. While growing up, watching older relatives interact with each other can have a profound effect on the way that women behave as adults. It is wise for women to take a deep look inside of themselves to evaluate where their strengths and weaknesses come from and then work to improve those weaknesses so they no longer create so much discomfort and stress.