With the current tabloid circus surrounding Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, both who are now being linked to potential new love interests AND using the publicity garnered from their split to promote upcoming projects I really can’t help but feel like it has all become a little bit distasteful when looked at from a more critical standpoint. With social media outlets and blogs going wild as new revelations are revealed, this star couple has become everyone’s topic of choice, while their break up plays out extremely publicly. Although, we have come to expect this from famous celebrities who live their lives slightly differently than us “average” folk, it is still frustrating to see people washing their dirty laundry so openly for all to see.

I am personally a fan of the “discrete” break-up, something that Miley and Liam have clearly never heard of. If you aren’t a celebrity and you can’t cash in on the publicity opportunity that comes with breaking things off with your long-term boyfriend or spouse then there really is no reason to share all the gritty details with your friends, family and co-workers. As tempting as it may be to “express your woes” or “chew him a new one” through social media or other public outlets this really isn’t the best idea and it could have substantial negative consequences that could affect both your personal and professional well being.

Keep It On The Down-low

Depending on the circumstance this could be easier said than done. We can all understand how a big blow up fight, or the revelation of infidelity can very quickly become public knowledge. That said, once the stormy part is over there is no reason to drag things out or continue to make them everyone else’s business. As hard as it may be, keep the lines of communication open between you and the ex so that you don’t feel the need to blurt your emotions out on Facebook or do something crazy like email his boss.

Let there be closer between the two of you by quietly tying up ends in private. Take some time to cool down and evaluate your feelings before doing or saying things you may later regret.

Move On Quietly

We are all humans who are open to accepting love, if you start dating someone new soon after a break up or have intersecting romances try to do so in a tasteful fashion. By this we mean don’t brag or flaunt or otherwise complicate the situation. Even if you have moved on completely the other person may still be hurting and needing some time. The last thing they want to do is see a one hundred pictures on Facebook of you and you’re new BF having the time of your life and basking in the bliss of a fresh romance.

Even if you are feeling bitter there is always an occasion to take the high road. Remember: “Do onto others as they would do onto you” In other words, next time the situation might be reversed so consider how you would feel if it happened to you.

Learning how to break-up discretely is a demonstration of maturity and composure. If you can master this important life-lesson then you will earn the respect of your peers and have a healthy break up experience (if there is such thing). Surround yourself with positive people and a support system that will help you move forward. Never forget, that even a love lost was a love worth having because of the life-experience that you gained.