As per usual men like to stick their opinions in where they aren’t particularly welcome regarding women. Last week when a user’s REDDIT post featuring the before and after photos of a group of women who had undergone extensive make up contouring went viral sparked a new level of controversy for the natural and made up debate. Opinions on the makeover were varying, from men making crude comments to people praising the make up artists work.

An article on the Huffington post also shared these photos along with some even MORE amazing before and after transformation pictures. However it was the commentary of men regarding these images that have really stricken a chord with the general public and made these postings particularly news worthy; With many of the comments being negative regarding the “before and after ” photos with one anonymous user describing them as “false advertisements”.

This reminded me of another controversial news report that I read a few months ago when an anonymous poll released a shocking statistic that “12% of American Men had never seen their wives without make-up” This is apparently becoming increasingly common throughout the world as many females give in to the pressure to be “done up” 100% of the time even within the confines of their marriage. These women wake before their husbands, primp their hair and make-up in order to maintain an illusionistic beauty façade within their home. Although there has been no official remarks on the mental health affects of this behavior, as someone who only preps myself before going out of the house, it sounds like a whole lot of work. Furthermore the ridiculous idea that a husband would not find his wife attractive sans make up is disturbing and unfortunate. However I suppose it is another illustration of society’s ongoing descent into superficial and continuously shallower waters.

However, it is nearly impossible to appropriately respond to these comments knowing for a fact that 99% of adult women wear make-up at least some of the time and most of us feel better and more confident with make up than without. For decades women have gone to the varying extremes in order to alter their appearance to be considered more attractive to males so this isn’t exactly a victimless crime. I mean, when you look at the comparing photographs it is obvious that these women are completely welcoming to the transformation. It is about showing off how much better you can look with a bit of help. In many ways it is no different than a weight loss advertisement that gloats a success story following the loss of a few pounds. “Look how much better and more worthy I am Now that I Fit into societies narrow opinions on beauty”

This is a complicated conversation because I too wear make up to make myself feel better and I don’t think that there is anything wrong with that. However if someone insulted my appearance that would also negatively impact my self-image so I see how this could be a circular conversation without a concrete answer.

It also brings to some major food for thought? Can you be a feminist rights activist and still support the use of Make Up? Is Make Up a symbol of Male objectification over women?

These are things that we should at the very least consider critically before we decide that we “must” wear a full face of make up at all times or allow ourselves to be crowded with these very narrow minded opinions on beauty.