We all know that a good diet is essential for good health. Most people try to make sure that they are having a balanced mix of all of the food groups coupled with vitamins and minerals. Because they know that these items could help them live a long life. In addition to a healthy eating plan, most people try to incorporate exercise into their lifestyle. Exercise helps to reduce stress which could lead to heart disease. Moreover exercise also helps the body keep fit.

Problems happen when people do not limit their intake of fatty foods. Limiting fatty foods can ensure that they will have a lower level of cholesterol. Cholesterol seems to be perceived with very negative connotations. All cholesterol is not bad for the body. Our bodies need a measure of good cholesterol to make different elements in the body such as bile and salts. Good cholesterol also helps our body maintain a good measure of hormonal balance as well as produce vitamin D. The good type of cholesterol is HDL, which can lower the bad cholesterol HDL helps take the bad cholesterol from the walls of the arteries and puts it in the liver where it can be removed from the body. There are different foods that contain this good cholesterol such as omega-3 fishes and some nuts. You would want to make sure that you consume foods that contain this good cholesterol so as to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in your body.

Conversely, the bad type of cholesterol is called LDL. This type of cholesterol essentially causes fat to stick to the arteries and forms plaque, which could clog the passageway of blood to the heart. This cholesterol is found in saturated fats and if that found in processed foods that are high fat.

High levels of cholesterol and the body can cause someone problems such as heart disease diabetes and high blood pressure. This applies especially if someone is elderly or middle aged because during this stage of life the digestive system’s ability to convert food including fats and sugars to energy is slowing down. Due to this slowdown, people can become overweight which exacerbates cholesterol issues. Some of these complications could also be fatal.

When someone is trying to reduce the cholesterol but is not receiving much success, your doctor may suggest that they take a medication such as a statin to reduce the cholesterol. There are several different types of statins Available today. However, not all of them are safe. In fact, some people are involved in class action lawsuits against the pharmaceutical manufacturers of these statins because they are causing kidney damage. If you have high cholesterol and would like to reduce it, all hope is not lost. You do not have to take a medication to reduce your cholesterol so you should always check with your doctor. There are many proponents suggest that some people can reduce their cholesterol through good nutrition.

The different foods that you could use to reduce bad cholesterol are fiber rich foods such as beans, oats and cereal. These high fiber foods not only reduce the bad cholesterol but also decrease the risk of heart disease. Try to limit your intake of food of processed foods because they usually contain high cholesterol. Try to buy fresh food ingredients and cook your own foods. In addition, make it a practice to read nutrition labels as this will help you check saturated fat and the amount of the bad cholesterol that it will provide per serving. Again you should contact the doctor to ensure that this is the correct path for you.