Your style is in, your hair is perfectly done, but if your skin isn’t in top shape it will be quite difficult to feel your very best. Your Dermatologist may have prescribed you with every cream, cleanser and scrub under the sun with no improvement in sight. So what could be causing these unwanted blemishes? Your diet! In this article I will go through all the best foods to eat, by the end you will have not only a new grocery list but also a guaranteed plan to fight those daunting outbreaks.

Eating your Way to Better Skin

Want to get that glowing complexion without slapping on pounds of makeup? For this, try eating a piece or two of dark chocolate a day. Chocolate has high levels of flavonols, a particular type of antioxidant, which relieves puffiness and creates a softer, more vibrant looking you.

Salmon and Walnuts
Your skin is one of the main ways a person shows the true fact of,”You are what you eat.” If you fill your diet with salmon, walnuts and maybe canola oil that have essential fatty acids in them will make it more possible for the production of healthy cell membranes to increase. In turn this will allow the passage ways of your pores to be filled with healthy nutrients, and it will also keep unwanted particles flowing away from your skin. Not to mention that your skin will look and feel fresh since salmon and walnuts produce lots of water within your body, and that water helps to hold moisture.

Greek Yogurt
Ready to look 20 when you’re 40? Well it might be a good idea to start filling your diet with a good serving of Greek yogurt. More than other yogurts, Greek yogurt is high in proteins which soothes and hydrates the skin, keeping wrinkles and skin imperfections at bay. You can even try making your own greek yogurt mask. They are great for decreasing the size of scarring on your face.

For those of you who love to spend your weekends at the beach, but you notice that your skin is being beaten up by the sun, well don’t worry because I’ve got the perfect medicine for you. Try eating a cup of yellow or orange peppers a day. This will not only decrease your skins sensitivity to sun exposure. Plus, peppers are rich in carotenoids and eating lots of vegetables that are heavy with this will increase the color in your skin and it also act as a natural toner, taking away red spots and other skin discoloration.

Kidney Beans
Kidney beans are one of the most powerful foods that you can add into your diet to improve the appearance of your skin. The zinc content of kidney beans increase the sebaceous glands which contribute to the production of sweat. If you have low sebaceous glands than you will be prone to breakouts. Kidney beans will contribute to normalizing these glands. These beans are also high in Folic acid which is connected with Vitamin-B. This essential vitamin is responsible for producing new skin cells in the body. When more new skin cells are made your pores become clearer and your risk of having outbreaks decreases.

Stop using all of those creams, gels and toners… just drink water. It helps skin elasticity and it rids the body of an toxins that may be lingering. By increasing your water intake you will see major effects within 12 weeks. If you don’t drink enough water, your skin will become dry and flaky, creating barriers for good nutrients to get to your skin particles.

There you have it, a self guide to beautiful skin with other hidden benefits that won’t break the bank. Who ever thought skin care could be this simple and make you feel like you’re on top of the world!