In the first year of your baby’s life in many ways you begin to run on “auto-pilot”. New moms put their child’s needs first, and care for their every need. This can be a very consuming responsibility, as many people know baby’s take up a lot of time and attention (and continue to do so for the next 18+ years). As joyful as motherhood can be it can be incredibly difficult to stay “in touch” with yourself and your personal identity when your life is focused on a young child. Your priorities naturally shift to your little one, and it becomes very easy to put “you” on the backburner.

However, losing touch with ones identity isn’t good for your mental or physical health. Many women suffer through bouts of depression as the demands of motherhood become overwhelming. It can also take toll on your body, as sleepless nights, long days, and high stress levels get the best of you. Although being a “mommy” is well worth the sacrifice, it is possible to carry that title without losing sight of who you are and your own identity as a person.

1.) Remember You Are Important Too

Women who don’t take care of themselves, can very quickly become overwhelmed by motherhood and its demands. Constantly multi-tasking and taking on additional responsibilities can wear a person out. No matter how messy your house is or in disarray it is okay to take a time out and focus on yourself. YOU ARE IMPORTANT TOO.

2.) Multi-tasking is Nice but Not Necessary

You can’t do it all and be expected too. Whether you’re a stay at home or a working mom, some things are just going to have to be “let go” sometimes if you wish to maintain your sanity. Let the dishes sit in the sink, you baby doesn’t mind I promise.

3.) Prioritize Generously

Now that you have reached mommy status, you’re not expected to perform at the same efficiency level. Sometimes just getting everyone dressed and fed is enough. Be generous with yourself when you prioritize things. For example: “Today will be good if I get the laundry done” NOT “the laundry, dishes, vacuum, run errands, scale Everest”

Be kind to yourself and leave lots of bonding time for you and the little one.

4.) Say No

Becoming a mom, gives lots of people the backbone that they never had before. Start saying no to people who are throwing are additional stress to your life. Now is not the time to let people walk all over you.

This will also giving you the empowerment that you need to take back a little bit of “you” time and delegate responsibilities in your home.

5.) Live in The Moment

With so much going on this may seem like the opposite of what you should be doing. However the best way to enjoy motherhood is to go with the flow and live in the moment. The first years of your child’s life will go by quickly, take time to stop everything and just enjoy the bliss. They will only be little a short while.

6.) Be Kind To Yourself

You may not of showered or gotten dressed in days, you might of gained a few pounds or still not lost the baby weight.

Be kind to yourself about these things, beating yourself up about your appearance and imperfections will only bring you further away from the big picture and add too your stress. Forgive yourself, and move on life has changed in a wonderful way, and there are more important things going on right now.