I don’t know about you but as soon has the seasons change so do my motivation levels. Instead of having long full summer days that keeps me busy and active swimming, walking and enjoying the nice weather I become a quiet shut in, who spends more time enjoying a warm cup of coffee while curled up watching the fall line up. The truth is when the weather is starting to get frosty and the warm glow of summer fades so does my energy level, instead of squeezing the most out of my days I just let them begin to pass by indifferently.

Like many people it isn’t that I don’t enjoy the fall and winter months, in fact I find them to be a relaxing change of pace from the high-speed of summer but that decline in energy comes with the weather, shorter days, and general change of atmosphere that accompanies the winter transition. However, when that fall slump starts to get you down, it might be a good idea to try some energy boosting suggestions to keep your mood up and get you through the winter months.

1. Start Taking A Multi-Vitamin

Falls a great time to introduce a multi-vitamin for a few good reasons: your change in diet, change in activity level, oh and did we mention that it is cold and flu season?
A multi-vitamin will help boost your immune level, and give you that extra nutritional boost to keep you healthy. An increase in vitamins C and D will help compensate for lack of sunlight and keep you feeling a bit more upbeat.

2. Try a New Fitness Routine

Many of us get stuck in a cycle of losing in the summer gaining in the winter, because of the change in our fitness habits and eating habits throughout the seasons. One great way to avoid this is to try something new in the fall. Join a gym, start an at home workout regiment, join an indoor sport, find something to compensate for the fact that you just don’t get up and move as much during this time of year. The natural endorphins of exercise will also have mood boosting benefits to prevent those winter blues, and nobody will complain about a head start for bikini season.

3. Work On You

Fall is also a great time for some self-discovery because it tends to have more solitude and downtime then the other months. Take some time to spend time alone and get to know yourself again through meditation, exploring your interests, and rest. By simply taking advantage of this period of relaxation, you can avoid restlessness and prepare your best self for the upcoming holiday season while keeping your energy level high and overall mood up.

Once the excitement of summer has subsided and you find yourself with extra free time, colder weather, and short days it can be hard to feel motivated and keep yourself positive. Avoid getting sucked into a gloomy depression by allowing yourself to enjoy this change of season and take advantage of it completely because it only lasts a short while.