Prepare yourself before you continue. Your mouth contains countless bacteria, with millions of them in a simple drop of saliva. Fortunately, most of the bacteria is beneficial, but there are some types of health problems that can wreak havoc on your teeth and gums. Eventually, the bacteria can develop into plaque and then tartar which can create more serious damage. As oral health deteriorates, so can the health of the body.

Plaque can begin adding up on the teeth, even after you have brushed your teeth. Biofilm is the other name for plaque and this filmy substance is made of bacteria that is left over from eating carbohydrates. Sweets are not only favorites of the people who eat them, but of the bacteria in the mouth, too. It is very important to brush at least two times each day and to pair the brushing with flossing so that plaque will not build.

When plaque begins to build from avoiding brushing and flossing it eventually becomes tartar or calculus. Tartar is crusty and needs to be removed by professional oral health care providers who have specially designed tools to remove the build up with damaging the tooth itself.

Along with the plaque or tartar build up, there are several other issues that can develop in the mouth. Gum disease is a very common with people who do not brush or floss regularly. Gingivitis is also known as gum disease and it can cause bleeding and gum discomfort. It is the least troublesome form of gum disease, but it can develop into something more damaging and problematic.

Without treatment, gingivitis can become periodontitis. This more intense gum disease can make teeth fall out, which is never a good thing. Researchers who study oral health and dental care have realized that only 20% of the popular does not suffer from a form of gum disease.

Problems with oral health care not only affects general health care, but it also affects families and their budgets, too. Many families spend close to $1000 annually on oral health care expenses. However, cavities care can actually double the cost of dental care. Government health care experts are realizing that oral health is much more of a fiscal problem than many people ever imagined. Without proper oral health care, people can develop other serious problems, including:
● Oral and esophageal cancer
● Heart problems, like heart attacks
● Blocked arteries
● Strokes
● Pregnancy issues resulting in premature birth

Dental care is actually much easier to access than it ever has before. Many community dentists have clinic hours where they provide free services once per month. The larger dental offices will also include low-price options for people who do not have dental insurance or good paying jobs.