If you have been in a grocery store dairy section, you have probably noticed that Greek yogurt has taken over the aisles.  Greek yogurt is not only trendy, but incredibly healthy as well. There are several reasons why Greek yogurt is a perfect food to add to your daily meals. Some of the reasons that you should add Greek yogurt to your diet include the fact that it helps reduce weight and it aids the digestive system, too.

When you decide to add Greek yogurt to your diet, you should know the difference between real Greek yogurt and the faux Greek-style yogurt. Two of the Greek yogurt brands, Chobani and Fage are creating advertising campaigns to promote themselves as real so consumers understand the differences. The reason that these two brands have real Greek yogurt, as opposed to the Greek-style yogurt, is the amount of protein they contain. Greek yogurt has three times as much milk as traditional yogurt, so it has a significantly higher amount of milk, even after it has been strained to achieve the Greek yogurt texture.

The companies that have Greek-style yogurt do follow the same manufacturing procedures as Chobani and Fage. Instead of increasing their protein percentage by using more milk, they simply increase the container size. Many of the Greek-style yogurt brands include unusual ingredients to thicken the yogurt. It is not uncommon to find gelatin, fish, and more. It is a good idea to read the ingredients to see what your Greek-style yogurt is really made of before you spoon it into your mouth.

Greek yogurt not only contains more good protein, it has other health benefits, too. Greek yogurt is very healthy and it is so thick and creamy that the plain variety tastes good. Greek yogurt is low in calories and if you want to add healthy extras, fruits like raspberries and blueberries taste great. Many people also love to add a spoonful of honey to their Greek yogurt container, too. Greek yogurt has been a breakfast staple in Mediterranean countries and its popular overseas has been adding to the popularity in the US.

There are a few other authentic Greek yogurts available in US supermarkets. Oikos is very Greek and very creamy; it has a such a traditionally Greek texture and taste that it can be used in the same way as sour cream can be used. Some grocery stores have stepped it up and crafted a true Greek yogurt with strained milk and no unnecessary added ingredients.

Another benefit of Greek yogurt is that the recipe contains very little refined sugar. Greeks tend to only eat real, unprocessed foods; but, Americans eat the polar opposite by eating many times more sugar and processed foods that those who reside in near the Mediterranean Sea. Greek yogurt, especially Fage which is very low in sugar, can help Americans not eat so much sugar and reduce the illnesses associate with eating such unhealthy foods.

In conclusion, Greek yogurt should be added to your diet because it will make you feel better. The natural, protein-filled ingredients help the body burn fat. You will not only burn fat, but you will feel better because you will add a tasty and nutritious food to your diet.