The year was 2006, times were different Miley Cyrus has yet to gruesomely murder Hannah Montana, One Direction wasn’t even a thing, and Justin Beiber has yet to publically humiliate himself by pissing publically in a bucket. Scarlett Johannson, a young actress was named the World’s Sexiest Woman by Esquire and magazine sales for that particular edition skyrocketed as men raced out to grab a copy of her sultry centerfold photo shoot.

Now six years later, the actress has aged into a more mature six-year-older woman and esquire feels the need yet again to recognize her amazing accomplishment of continuing to be sexy at least, according to the superficial male editors at Esquire Magazine. Good for her, it is really hard for women to get recognized for their wordily contributions and she must be so proud to be commended not only once but twice in her lifetime. I am sure that setting the record of the most WSW titles according to Esquire, will be a pivotal landmark in this actresses career.

It is incredibly difficult, even as a female gossip contributor to take this kind of news seriously. It must have been a slow Newsweek because there really isn’t much else to report unless we want to talk about the Kendall and Bruce train wreck. Since I have vowed to never again discuss the Kardashians in my writing career, this is what I have been left with, unless of course we re-explore the latest misadventures in the world of Miley Cyrus.

What we can say, that is positive about Scarlett’s recent front cover is that the actress looks absolutely amazing, as always and continues to put on a strong face for women everywhere who have been cursed with unconventional beauty. One cannot help but admire how quickly she has bounced back from her divorce with Ryan Reynolds (who is now married to Blake Lively btw, who used to date Leonardo Dicaprio who is one of the most notorious playboys in Hollywood.) and is poising herself for a round two marriage with some unmentionable French guy who probably eats baguettes.