You probably know Owen Wilson from the comedies he stared in, like the Wedding Crushers or You, Me and Dupree. If you are more into alternative cinema though, you know that Owen is a favorite of directors such as Woody Allen and Wes Anderson. Owen turned 44 this year and apart from a successful career, he seems to be doing quite well in the reproduction field as well!

The 14th of January 2011 Wilson became a dad for the first time, when his then girlfriend, Jade Duell, gave birth to their son, Robert Ford Wilson, in Hawaii. Unfortunatelly, a few months later, in June 2011, the couple broke up. An insider told the media that Owen was not ready for a full-time commitment and even though he was planning to be there for his son, he still wanted his freedom. He felt he wanted to be able to spend time with his friends, including ladies, without being questioned or judged about it and Duell was apparently not ready to accept such an open relationship.

It seems however that becoming a dad gave Owen great pleasure. He told in different interviews at the time that even though he was never a child person, things became much different when he held his son for the first time. “They’re (babies) so fragile, but then when it is your own, all of a sudden you feel a lot more confident. You really do have this bond, this real connection with this thing that a month ago wasn’t even here It is strange… Their cries are like beautiful music!” he stated.

This time the mother of his future child is his personal trainer, Caroline Lindqvist. The 42 year old former ballerina is married to Dr. Ritu Chopra, a famous plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. The couple has been estranged for more than a year though and Lindqvist is now in the process of getting a divorce, after finding out about her pregnancy. Chopra was greatly surprised when he found out about the pregnancy himself and who the father was, even though he and Lindqvist didn’t have sexual relationships for quite a while.

The Swedish-born personal trainer and Wilson are not currently in a relationship, but they have a long history. When in 2007 Wilson broke up with Kate Hudson he was devastated and made a suicide attempt. At the time he was having depression treatment and he hired Lindqvist to be his personal trainer. Their friendship eventually turned into a sexual relationship after all those years and they started dating while Lindqvist was still married. When she found out she was pregnant last May though, she decided it was time to leave her husband.

Is it possible that Wilson is now mature enough to start a committed relationship with the mother of his second child and try to build a proper family? Does Lindqvist have hopes for that and that is why she is getting the divorce, or would she do it anyway? In any case, little Robert is going to have a little brother or sister soon and Wilson’s agenda will become even fuller. It’s a good thing that his career is still on the rise, as Hollywood babies can get quite expensive. Wilson will star in at least five films to be released in 2014. The Grand Budapest Hotel, directed by Wes Anderson, is an all-star film that fans are impatiently waiting for. Squirrel To The Nuts is a comedy-drama directed by Peter Bogdanovich where Wilson is believed to hold a key role. A Thomas Pynchon novel and a couple more films with undisclosed plots are also in the actor’s plans for the coming year.