It has finally come to an end, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are officially kaput and the engagement is off! To make matters worse for Miley, Hemsworth has already eligibly moved on with an attractive new exotic Mexican pop star Eliza Gonzela, whom he was spotted sharing an intimate moment with only hours after the break-up went public. This has many of us who have been following this saga leaning towards team Miley. Suddenly the suspicions of Liam’s alleged infidelity don’t seem so much like the griping of an insecure pop star, but the apparent reality of this on again off again, complex relationship.

This entire revelation can’t help but make you feel slightly sympathetic for young Miley who is the past months has preferred to discuss her “art” rather than her personal life but still up until the official announcement insisted that the pair were still engaged. Now, during this obviously difficult time there is much speculation over how the pop star is handling the break up with various camps weighing in. The reports on Miley’s current state of mind have been mixed including tabloids stating that the star is “devastated and possibly suicidal” to official publicity statements claiming that “Miley is fine, and focusing on her upcoming album release”. Due to the fact that she is currently one of the most watched celebrities in the world, it isn’t surprising that everyone wants throw in their two cents regarding this controversial new development.

One thing that we have to admire about Miley, is that you can never quite tell where she is at emotionally. After a tearful performance of “wrecking ball” the start took to twitter and stated that she is happy the relationship is over. Any of us who have ever suffered through a tough dramatic break-up can certainly relate to the hot and cold emotional roller coaster that the young star is suffering through very publically. However despite how apparently difficult this situation continues to be, Miley clearly refuses to let her fans feel sorry for her. Instead of retreating from the public eye Miley has gone forward with several public appearances, a candid interview in Rolling Stones Magazine, and continues to interact on Social Media clearing up the facts and rumors in her own words.

You can’t help but admire her perseverance, although the timing for all this publicity seems rather convenient to coincide with her slated album release date it still can’t be easy to weather the harsh commentary that seems to be plaguing her. Miley Cyrus seems to be doing okay balancing this tabloid circus with her own promotional agenda and it certainly won’t be hurting her career at all.

Now that Miley has the public’s empathy, I am certain that her album will do extremely well. That said, it really is too bad that these lovebirds couldn’t work things out, or that Hemsworth couldn’t be more discrete about his potential new love interest. I guess when it comes to these high-profile stars even the worst case personal scenario, is a money making opportunity to be had because both stars are clearly cashing in on the fabulous timing because Hemsworth, has a much anticipated film being released this months as well.