Celebrity lifestyles are so different from the lifestyles of the average man and woman. Because many celebrities rely on body parts for their livelihood, it has become a common practice to insure those arms, legs, faces, and hands for exorbitant amounts of money.

Bette Davis was the first celebrity to insure her body – her waist, specifically. She insured it so that if she gained weight, she would not lose money on acting roles. Since her first insurance policy for her waist in the 1940s, celebrities have added more and more money to the coffers of insurance companies all over the globe.

Average men and women might cringe and giggle at the idea of insuring a specific body part for millions of dollars, but they should be glad that they do not have to protect their livelihoods in the same way as uber-famous celebrities do. Here are some of the most outrageous insurance policies designed to keep the money flowing in:

1. Keith Richards: His middle finger

His middle finger! Let me repeat that again: his middle finger! As a guitarist, Keith Richards decided to insure his middle finger for £6 million. He took out this insurance policy because he started to experience some symptoms of arthritis. If he has to stop playing because of his middle finger, his musical ability will be missed, but he will rake in a cool sum of money.

2. Rihanna: Not her voice

She might be best known for her singing voice, but that is not what she insured. She put a $1 million policy on her legs. After being given an award for her legs of a goddess from Gillette, she decided to put a big policy on her legs, but she did not insure her voice. Priorities Ri-Ri, priorities!

3. Daniel Craig: Insuring more than most

We might have all expected Daniel Craig to insure those gorgeous blue eyes, but he did more than that. He took out a £5 million insurance policy on his entire body. He does his own stunts and as James Bond, he works hard. If you are fighting the bad guys and racing through village streets, you want to avoid begin shaken and not stirred.

4. Dolly Parton: Two for the price of one

Again, as a singer, we would expect Dolly to insure her voice, but this was not the case. There is only one feature on her that draws enough attention to make it worthy of being insured. Dolly’s pair of assets and their cleavage were insured for $600,000. Pretty good deal for a pretty good pair.

5. Merv Hughes: Handling insurance well

This man, a cricketer in Australia, did not insure his legs or other body parts that help him play sports well. He insured his handlebar moustache. The dollar amount he chose was 317 thousand in Australian dollars. He is one of the most successful cricket players in Australia, so his moustache could have the factor that made him succeed.

6. Michael Flatley: Legs of gold

The lord of the dance deserves to have a safety net around those legs. They are his bread and butter and he knows it. He is not only the highest paid dancer, but he is also the most heavily insured. He put a $40 million policy on his legs, which would just barely cover his weekly income of $1.6 million each week.

7. Tom Jones: Insuring chest hair

Sir Tom Jones is the epitome of swagger. He makes women swoon. When he was a younger man, he insured his sexy chest hair for $3.5 million. Wow. Now, even as an older gent, he still has a way with the ladies. He can move his hips and sing like the best of them. Most women do not get a good look at his chest hair today, but they still see him as one of the sexiest beasts alive!

Celebrities have money to burn, but they do not want to waste it. When you are used to living a spectacular lifestyle, you have to protect it and insurance policies are the best tools for protecting a way of life. It may seem strange to insure fingers, boobs, and moustaches, but those career defining body parts are important.