If the Jonas brothers had any loyal fan-girls left they sure don’t anymore after sequentially announcing then canceling a major concert tour this year. In 2013, we saw the “brother-band” re-emerge into the music industry, trying to hook a new generation onto the Jonas-loving bandwagon. However, the boys who have been on hiatus for a few years just couldn’t cut it in the world of Justin Bieber and One Direction and have succumb to a number of personal issues as well has public scandals following their comeback.

In case you have forgotten let me refresh your memory on the bands history. The three Disney stars “The Jonas Brothers” were the biggest thing in tweenager music back in 2005, now ALL GROWN UP and free of their signature “purity rings” the Jonas brothers, Kevin, Joe, and Nick have been working hard to shed their former image and be taken more seriously in the music world …well sort of.

The problem with the Jonas brothers is that they have always had one foot in and one foot out. While the tabloids continued to feature their public lives and personal problems in the forefront the Jonas brothers like to put on a happy face and pretend that none of it is really happening. They are very aware of their fan-base and want to keep them happy, but maybe 2013 wasn’t the year to plan their reunion with several major “personal issues” overshadowing their musical talents. (I haven’t heard too much about their new album’s musical content actually? Was it any good?)

Are They Breaking Up?

According to the band’s representatives the reason that the 2013 tour has been cancelled is because the band is taking some time to “refocus”. However us speculating gossip bloggers can only assume that there are some major “problems” preventing these boys from working together. Considering that they are all at very different places in their lives. Kevin Is married and with child, Joe is on the verge of hitting rehab, and Nick (I am not sure but he’s looking pretty cute these days). Anyways we can only assume that these factors have come into play, when their representatives continue to defend that the “Disagreements amongst the boys are strictly about the music.

Whether this is true or not it has become incredibly clear that the Jonas boy’s comeback attempt has been a major industry flop. Maybe the best move is to take some “more” time off and try again later…

However we aren’t going to say for certain if the Jonas Brothers are breaking up. They are brothers after all, so they will probably still have some sort of intertwining relationships in the future but it would be safe to say that their musical collaboration may of come to an abrupt halt for the time being.