Pixie cuts are gorgeous. They are easy to style and they look great in any color. But what happens when you get tired of your pixie cut and you want to grow it out? This can be quite a challenge! With a few hair accessories however, you can transition from a pixie to medium length hair without any awkward phases in-between. Let’s have a look at the different options that you have, tips and tricks.

The wide headband

A wide headband can help you keep your fringe out of your face while it is growing and it will also hide most of hair, until they are long enough to catch in a ponytail. You can get headbands in many different styles, ranging from the very colorful, hippie ones, to darker ones, with embroidery or sparkly sequins sewed on them. So you can find the right headband for any occasion. There are even special wedding headbands, ideal for brides with short hair, that are embellished with lace, feathers or pearls!

The scarf

There so many different ways to tie a scarf around your hair! You can wear it like a turban, hiding most of your hair and letting your fringe visible. You can fold it and transform it into a wide headband. You can make a huge bow with it, either at the back or the side of your head. You can use it to secure your fringe underneath and let the edges hang on your back, for a more boho style. The possibilities are endless.

The bobby pins

You will need tons of them, so go get a package of plain bobby pins that match your hair color. Yes, they come in different shades! Now get a few ones with more interesting designs as well. You can use them to secure your fringe while it gets longer. Or you can twist small sections of you hair and secure them at the sides of your head, for an interesting texture. As your hair grows out, you will notice that it doesn’t grow out in the same pace. Therefore, when you are ready for a ponytail, there will probably be a few sections that are too short and keep slipping away. Use bobby pins to keep those rebels in place.

The hats and beanies

During autumn and winter a cute beanie can really save you a lot of styling efforts. Unless you are prepared to wear it indoors as well though, you will still need a plan B for when you have to take it off. Hats are also a great solution for spring and summer, just make sure to get one that fits well and flatters your face. Ask a friend to come with when you go hat-shopping, to make sure that you will make the right choice.

Careful combing

If you want to grow out your hair, you want to avoid split ends. In order to do that, it is important to brush your hair gently, and never when they are soaked in water. After you shower, cover your head with a towel for a few minutes, so that your hair is damp but not dripping. Then use a wide tooth comb and gently untangle your hair without pulling to hard. Be patient! It is the only way that you will manage to keep broken hair and split ends to a minimum.

Don’t overheat

Much like rough brushing or combing, overheating your hair will damage it and slow down growth, because you will need regular trims. Try to let your hair air dry naturally and if you must use a hairdrier, make sure that it is not too close to your hair. After you are done with warm air, use the cold air function. This will help the hair follicles to grow and keep moisture in.

Get a multivitamin

Your hair needs certain nutrients to grow and especially antioxidants. Vitamins E, C and D as well as collagen are essential for healthy hair, skin and nails. Popping a multivitamin that provides these nutrients every day will promote hair growth. Many women find that their hair is also thicker, when they are on multivitamins. Consult your doctor for the best supplement for you, according to your needs.

Be patient

Last but not least, be patient. There will be days that you will hate your growing hair. Don’t get a pair of kitchen scissors and chop them off! Go for a walk or read a book instead, to get your mind off your annoying her. You will see that the next day you will be able to style them much better! Don’t give up.