For years now it has been thought that the secret to glowing youthful skin is daily exfoliation. However, many of the available scrubs not only gently exfoliate, but they literally scrub and cleanse your face leaving you with a raw tingly sensation and sensitive red cheeks. On one hand, this could be the cure to regular breakouts exfoliation deep into the pours that cleanses you of deep-seeded dirt and oils. That, or it could be a horrible way to treat your skin, rubbing away a needed layer of protection that actually prevents your pours from becoming clogged and the inevitable breakout that follows.

Lets be honest, this is one of the times where it is difficult to trust your beauty products. The ongoing to debate, to scrub or not to scrub, to exfoliate or not plagues all of our womanly minds. I mean personally, I enjoy the occasional apricot and oatmeal scrub to cleanse my skin, but I always regret it in retrospect as my skin becomes itchy and flaky from lack of moisture within days. The label on my Aveeno Oatmeal Facial Cleanser says to use sparingly every 2-3 days, this seems to make more sense they exfoliating daily, but on that 3rd day without a good cleanse I feel like my face has become excessively oily.

Experts now think that the reason your skin becomes oily after an extended period without exfoliating, is because your body’s natural oil glands are compensating for the peeling away of the protective layer. This would suggest that routine exfoliating is actually bad for you, and is indirectly the cause of your regular breakouts. However, you cannot deny that the appealing softness and glow that emerges immediately after a deep cleanse contradicts this obvious information and leaves us questioning once again is it good or is it bad.

Official Dermatologist research on the use of exfoliates still leaves us slightly confused

I attempted to do a bit more research on the topic, and of course was detoured by advertisements trying to sell me more facial scrubs and exfoliates. It took awhile but I eventually dug out some official dermatologist data on the subject that used research accumulated in a study to finally conclude that excessive exfoliation is bad, but regulated exfoliation may be beneficial to some subjects.

Personally, I am still frustrated; the question at hand hasn’t really been answered. Should we throw away our facial scrubs or proceed cautiously with using them because they feel oh so good. Well with further consideration, I’ve decided to go with a bit of old fashioned morality advice, “everything in moderation”. I would try to avoid over exfoliation, and look critically at the ingredients being included in your scrub. However, I wouldn’t rule out using it altogether occasionally if you feel that it is beneficial to your complexion. Try switching products if you find your skin has become excessively oily, or giving up scrubs altogether if your still suffering from breakouts.