Even though most women shave their legs, very few actually enjoy it. Shaving is not the most effective way to remove hair. Despite the advances in razors and shaving products, women still get nicks and cuts as well as ingrown hairs and other unpleasant side effects. Despite the discomfort and troubles associated with leg shaving, women still do it on a regular basis.

To help prevent those unwanted cuts, ingrown hairs, and razor bumps, here are a few tips and tricks:

1. Many women spend a significant amount of money on shaving creams designed for female leg hair, but there are other products that work just as well and cost much less. Hair conditioner does the same thing that shaving cream does and it costs much less. You do not need to buy an expensive salon brand of conditioner, but the inexpensive brands from the grocery store aisles. The moisturizing qualities keep legs soft and smooth; they also help prevent the issues that make women want to cover their legs.

2. Women drop even more money on pink and lavender colored razors which are known for their repeated nicking and irritating abilities. Instead of buying the female brand razors, women should only buy razors that are designed for men’s faces. It makes sense that men’s razors would be gentler, because they are supposed to shave faces, which are more delicate that legs. They usually cost less, too.

3. Too many women shave their legs the wrong way, literally. Many women shave in the opposite direction that hair grows, which makes legs smooth at first; but, as time goes by, legs get irritated by opposite-direction shaving. When women follow the way hair grows, they get a smoother shave for a longer period of time. They also get fewer of the irritating side effects like nicks and razor burn.

4. Legs should always be moisturized after a shower. It is best to dry the legs first and then apply a simply moisturizing cream. Fragranced lotions might actually irritate the skin, especially after shaving. Many of the inexpensive lotions in the grocery store aisles provide more moisture than expensive bath and body store lotions. And…they cost less money, too.

With a few simple changes, women can not only make their freshly shaved legs last longer and stay smooth, but they can also save money along the way. All it takes is to use inexpensive hair conditioner, men’s razors, low-priced moisturizer, and shaving in the proper direction.