Eye makeup is now designed to be easy and long lasting. There are so many new types of shadow and pencils that go on smoothly and stay on all day without the need of eye shadow primer. CoverGirl Flamed Out Shadow Pencils are gel shadow with an eyeliner. This gel shadow is better than cream shadow because it feels good going on and actually cools the skin.

Cream eye shadow pencils are great to put on and to blend. While there are several benefits to cream eye shadow, there is one major complaint. The problem with cream shadow is the fact that it creases. The CoverGirl gel and eyeliner colors do not crease. When you put on your gel and eyeliner, you blend it with your fingertips, which is the easiest tool to use (for obvious reasons). The eyeliner sharpens with a jumbo sharpener.

When you are looking for the Flamed Out pencils, you will see that they come in 10 unique colors, including Silverish Flame (300), Princess Flame (305),Ice Hot Flame (310), Lemon Green Flame (315), Super Pink Flame (320), White Gold Flame (330), Masta Glow Flame (335), Sensei Flame (340), Freeze Flame (345), and Melted Chocoloate Flame (350).

Once you have collected a few different colors, here are a few fun looks you can do:

1. Add a poof of color

When you use a bright color for eyeliner and a neutral eyeshadow, you create a really fun look. A contrasting bold color can really draw attention to your eyes. Add mascara for an even more amazing look!

- Blue eyes: Super Pink Flame
– Hazel eyes: Masta Glow Flame
– Green eyes: Super Pink Flame
– Brown eyes: Lemon Green Flame or White Gold Flame

2. Go Monochrome for a Dramatic Look

All you need is a black liquid eyeliner and mascara along with one eyeshadow cover. To add more drama, a Flamed Out pencil under the lower lashes. Two colors that look great on all skin colors are Ginger Flame and Melted Caramel Flame. Bronze eyeshadow highlights eyes in a pretty way.

3. Keep It Simple with Two Colors

When you use two colors, the highlighting adds just the right touch. Begin by putting the darker color on the lid base and then blend up. The lighter color will brighten your eyes, especially when you place a little bit at the inner corners and at the brow. Mascara and eyeliner always polishes the look. Crystal Flame looks lovely with Hot Pink Flame, Ashen Glow Flame, and Silver Flame.