I have to admit that I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to Make Up and Make Up accessories. Over the years I have accumulated a collection of high-end make up, mostly hypoallergenic (I suffer from sensitive skin) and a selection of brushes, sponges, mirrors, eyelash curlers, etc. anything that you could name it is very likely that I have more than necessary. My major problem being that even though I only wear a full face once or twice a week I can’t bare to get rid of anything and I hate to go without. That paired with the fact I cannot visit a department store without buying a something new for my collection. I believe that I may have certifiable issues with Make-Up product accumulation; I wonder if there is an official psychiatric term for this?

However, in the next few weeks my husband and I will be moving to a new home and he has asked that I de-clutter my make up collection and get rid of some of the stuff I don’t use. He doesn’t want the bathroom of our new residence to looking like an explosion in the beauty section at the drugstore. Although I have yet to begin the tedious process of sorting out the “keepers” and destined to the great garbage under the sun. I have been pro-active in creating a checklist for how I will determine what to keep and what needs to go.

A Make-Up Bag De-Cluttering Checklist

1.) Anything I have Had Since High School

This is clearly the first step in eliminating some of the items, even if it was my favorite eye shadow in the tenth grade if it is still hanging around now chances are I no longer use it or need it. Good Bye high school make up!

2.) It Has Passed It’s Expiration Date

Although many people debate on when exactly make-up items should be tossed out the common consensus is 3 months for mascara, year for concealer or foundation, cream eye shadows every year, pencils every year and lip gloss every 6 months if used regularly.

Despite the fact that make up products do not come with expiration dates there are some good health and logistical reasons why a person may want to follow these guidelines. However, if you have certain products that you only use occasionally or have left unopened It is acceptable to hang on to these if they are in good condition and properly sealed.

3.) It is Yucky, Gucky, or Otherwise Unpleasant

I will admit that maybe these should go in the bin first, anything that doesn’t look pretty or is in less than perfect condition can probably go. If the container no longer seals properly, it REALLY needs to be thrown out.

4.) Anything that isn’t the right “color” “shade” or “tone”

This happens to all of us, we buy something think it will make us look lovely and we end up looking like we went to a mortician for a make-over. However, I tend to hang on to my make up failures in a shameful way. These items need to be disposed of NOW or handed down to someone who can pull them off. There is no reason to cling to the make-up that could have been. Let someone else have it!

5.) Accessories or Items That You Have More Than One Of

By far the hardest rule to follow, if you have more than one then you probably don’t need it. Choose the item, which is in the best condition and be rid of the others.

The only acceptation here is if you use one for traveling or in your handbag and the other for at home. This is a loophole to the rule use it responsibly.