The Best Whitening Products Reviewed: How to Make Teeth Whiter and Brighter Today

People don’t stand out when their teeth are discolored, dingy or otherwise imperfect. That’s not the case here in the United States, though because people know how to make teeth white. In this country, it pays to have a white, bright smile. In addition to helping you fit in with the rest of society, having a nice smile makes it easier to attract romantic partners, find good jobs and otherwise get by in life.

As unfair as it may seem, having white teeth matters here; fortunately, dentists know how to make teeth white. Most people begin life with pearly whites, but that often changes over time. Things like tobacco, tea, coffee and wine slowly but surely take their toll. Small, barely perceivable stains become more and more noticeable, and the appearance of your smile may degrade over time. At a certain point, you may become self-conscious about the way your teeth look. When it seems like everyone else has gorgeous teeth, it’s easy to feel inadequate especially if you do not have the best whitening products. The good news is there are ways to reverse the damage; the bad news is that getting the best whitening products are often expensive, messy and time-consuming.

A Million-Dollar Smile?

Some people are so desperate to have a bright, attractive smile that they fork over huge amounts of money in their goal to learn how to whiten teeth fast. There are many incredibly expensive whitening treatments out there, and you can spend hundreds of dollars searching how to whiten teeth fast on them alone. Some people take it to a whole other level and spend thousands on veneers, caps and other aesthetic improvements. If you’re like most people, however, such costly measures just aren’t an option because you want the natural way to whiten teeth. Before assuming that you’re stuck with a less-than-perfect smile, make sure to explore all of the available options.

All you have to do is visit a local drugstore to see that there are plenty of others who are worried about the brightness of their teeth. Indeed, at any given moment, there are dozens of teeth-whitening products on the market and many are not the natural way to whiten teeth. According to Information Resources, Americans spent more than $297 million on such products in a single year, and that represented an incredible 90 percent increase over the previous year finding the best teeth whitening method. In other words, people are becoming more obsessed with having white, bright smiles, and they are scrambling for affordable, easy ways to get the best teeth whitening method.

The best whitening strips you’ll find at the drugstore may be a lot cheaper than professional treatments at the dentist’s office, but they often lead to disappointment. Unfortunately, many of these teeth-whitening products just don’t get the job done. Because there are so many of them, you can try one, be disappointed and then try another. This cycle can repeat almost indefinitely. Before you know it, you’ve spent hundreds of dollars. In the end, it may have been less expensive and more efficient to go to the dentist after all and use the dentist’s best whitening strips. Here’s the thing: These aren’t your only two options. You don’t have to pay a lot for professional whitening or waste a ton of money and time on ineffective take-home teeth-whitening products when all you need is the best teeth whitening toothpaste.

How a Local Woman Got the Smile She Wanted without Professional Whitening

Nancy White is a 42-year-old nurse from Hoboken, New Jersey. Although she quit smoking nearly five years ago, her teeth still showed the telltale signs of that habit in the form of excessive tobacco stains. What made matters worse was the fact that Nancy also drank a few pots of coffee per day and had been doing so for several decades. When you throw in the occasional glass of wine on weekends, it’s easy to see how her teeth became so discolored.

For a long time, Nancy wasn’t too concerned about the appearance of her teeth. She never got cavities, and they were in otherwise good shape. Things changed when her marriage fell apart. After her divorce, she spent about a year rebuilding his life as a single person. Finally, she started feeling like she was ready to meet someone. Suddenly, the appearance of her teeth became a problem. She was very self-conscious about them and was nervous about meeting men because of how they looked. She needed to know how to have white teeth.

During a regular cleaning, Nancy inquired about the how to have white teeth and the cost of having her teeth professionally whitened. She was floored by the price that she was quoted. There was no way she could afford that. The dentist told her the next best option would be to try the many teeth-whitening products that are sold at local drugstores. The dentist couldn’t say which option would be the best, so Nancy knew she would have to use a process of trial and error to zero in on something that worked. As she scanned the rows full of gels, strips, toothpastes and rinses, she knew she had her work cut out for her.

She ended up going home empty-handed because she wanted to do some online research before buying anything like a teeth bleaching kit. It was during the course of this research that she learned about , the best teeth whitening toothpaste system. This system stood out in a number of ways. For one thing, it was an actual system that consisted of five unique products. For another, it could be ordered online; there was no need to go to the dentist or into a drugstore. Most importantly, it cost less than $30.

The glowing reviews that Nancy found about convinced her to place an order. She was pleased with how easy the system was to use, and she started using it every day as directed.

Her results were nothing short of incredible:

Week One – Within a few days of starting the system, Nancy’s teeth looked noticeably whiter.

Week Four - At the one-month mark, most of the worst tobacco and coffee stains were long gone. Nancy’s teeth looked as good as they would have after having professional whitening performed, and she’d spent less than $30.

Week Seven - By this point, Nancy’s teeth looked incredible, and she was flashing a bright, white smile wherever she went. She’d also started dating again, and her confidence had soared to all new heights.

Teeth Whitening for the Most Stubborn Stains

Nancy’s results aren’t an anomaly. Many others are experiencing the same thing:

I’ll admit it: I used to smoke like a chimney, so I needed a strong teeth bleaching kit. I was glad I quit, but I was unhappy with the state of my teeth. I’d tried those strips and gels, but nothing made a dent. was a revelation to me, and it finally have me the white teeth I wanted.”

Nothing is worse than spending a ton of money at the drugstore on products that fail to do anything for the appearance of your teeth. I’ve been there and done that, and I can attest that is different. It’s affordable; it’s a simple teeth whitening product that actually works.”

After years of being self-conscious about my teeth, I was about to spend a ton of money to have them professionally whitened with a simple teeth whitening product. A friend told me to give a try first, and I’m glad I did. I ended up getting even whiter, brighter teeth than I’d hoped for, and I spend less than $30.”

The Difference

One of the main problems with many of the teeth-whitening products you’ll find at local drugstores is that they aren’t strong enough or effective enough. In many cases, they’re not even formulated based on any actual research. is different because it was developed by Dr. Irwin Smigel, who is affectionately known as the Father of Aesthetic Dentistry. Dr. Smigel has based his career around improving the appearance of people’s teeth, and he was convinced there had to be a better, more affordable way to whiten teeth. is the result of his intensive research.

consists of a Whitening Pre-Rinse, an Activating Gel, Whitening Toothpaste, Professional Whitening Accelerator and a special, soft-bristle toothbrush. The toothpaste and accelerator quickly dissolve pellicle, which is a protein that builds up on the teeth that gets built up with plaque, stains and bacteria. These products also include fluoride, calcium, phosphates and baking soda, which act to whiten and strengthen the teeth. In this way, eliminates existing stains and prevents new ones.

was developed by the founder and current president of the American Society for Dental Aesthetics and has been endorsed by celebrities like Jimmy Fallon and Gloria Steinem. It’s quickly taking the world of aesthetic dentistry by storm.

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